Welcome to Blake Fraina!

A blog dedicated to a better life through:

1.) Travel: Reviews, Pictures, Discussions, Deals and more.

2.) Photography: Cameras, Accessories, Pictures, Editing Software…

3.) Interaction: Guest Bloggers, Interaction with other travelers / photographers, Discussion.

About Me:

I currently live in a small town in Oklahoma with a population of roughly 1200 people. There are many things I enjoy about living in a small town and I generally enjoy the slow pace and the quiet lifestyle a small town provides.

This being said, I also believe that one of the most enjoyable things to do in life is to travel and see other parts of the world. I believe the world is much too large to not see how other cultures live, experience what they believe, eat the food they eat and generally walk in their shoes. I honestly believe that travel and photography are two things that can actually change a person and their outlook on their own personal life and the world around them. Travel allows you to, even if for a short time, experience what it is like to live in an alternate world to your own. Whether that is an alternate climate, a different religion, a change in socioeconomic status or just a break from the normal life you lead, travel is one of the most universally available ways to experience a life that is not your own.

Photography provides many of the same qualities without the expense of travel. Former Indiana Basketball coach, Bobby Knight once said that “you look but you don’t see and you hear but you don’t listen.” Next time you are looking at a picture keep this quote in mind. Rather than simply looking at the picture try to “see” what the picture is telling you. Often by looking deeper into the picture you may begin to notice small details you had not seen while looking at the pictures before. One thing I like to do is move from the main subject of the photograph and begin to see some of the smaller items that may be in the background. Often, these background items can begin to open a larger window to the world the main photo subject lives in.

Last, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I always welcome comments, critiques and questions to any posts or photographs. I look forward to hearing from you and visiting your blog as well.