Need a De-Stresser? Take a Picture / Take a Vacation


Some days are just better than others. I am writing tonight after a particularly frustrating few days in relation to my job. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my job and the people I work with however no matter where you are there will always be days that cause more frustration or stress than others. This is the reason for the title of my post tonight, I often find that typing a blog post or simply viewing photographs from happier times helps to me bring me back down from the level of frustration or stress i happen to have on a particular day. As I have written in previous posts, sometimes by trying to imagine myself at the spot in the photograph, just thinking about the place in my mind helps to bring on a sense of cal or relaxation.

The photos included in this post are some of my favorite and most relaxing places I like to visit. As noted in the caption, the first photo is from a vacation my wife and I took to Ocho Rios Jamaica. To date, I think this is still our favorite destination we have been to however the world is a big place so that designation is always open to change. My wife generally prefers beach destinations as you will learn in future post. I enjoy beach destinations, however I often prefer locations with more historical or cultural depth. Viewing a Mayan Ruin or walking through Washington D.C. is often of more interest to me. While beach destinations are definitely relaxing, I tend to prefer locations that provide intellectual stimulation as well.

The bottom two photos are simply of the “country” as we call it locally. One of the things that could be considered as a blessing or a curse about Oklahoma is the fact that there are several areas where you can drive for miles on dirt roads with very little human interaction. My favorite hobby is bass fishing and these two pictures were taken during a recent fishing trip i took after I left work one evening. As I drive to the local ponds i am always looking for photograph opportunities like the second photo. Simply a landscape i was impressed with and thought i would photograph as I drove by. the last photo is of one of my favorite fishing locations. I love this location for a couple of reasons…. One, the quality and size of bass in this particular pond and second the fact that my cell phone gets little or no reception at this location! Several people always ask me why I enjoy fishing as much as I do My standard answer is that my favorite thing about it is the peace and quiet. Fishing is my form of meditation and no matter what happened during the day, when I am alone in the middle of the country everything else fades away and I can relax. I have to thank my wife for understanding my obsession and my personality and always allowing me this decompress time when I need it.

As always, thanks for reading. Comments, likes and general interest in my writing are much appreciated.


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