Colorado in the Fall

United States

Growing up I moved thirteen times before finally settling in the small town in Oklahoma where I currently live. With a father in the oilfield we often moved to where he would have a job so that he could support his family. Often, moving was not on the top of the list of things the rest of the family wanted to do however I know understand why my father did what he did. Looking back I am glad and actually feel fortunate to have lived this life as a child as I got to see more of the country than a lot of people I know. I have lived in more states than some people I know have ever been to.

One of the states we lived in growing up was Colorado and to this day it is still one of my favorite places that I have ever lived. My wife had never been to Colorado so last fall we took a trip there and stayed in a cabin in Green Mountain Falls. For those of you who are not familiar with Colorado, Green Mountain falls is located near the base of Pike’s Peak. It is a beautiful area and within driving distance of many well known attractions such as the Royal Gorge, Cave of the Winds, Garden of the Gods park and many more. If you have been to Colorado you know that you don’t need to visit any attractions all you really have to do is step outside to enjoy the beauty that makes Colorado one of my favorite places. If you have never been, you should definitely make time to go. I have lived in Aurora, a suburb of Denver and in Cortez. Cortez was one of my favorite places I have ever lived. We were 9 miles from Mesa Verde, a park where you can visit ancient ruins from cliff dwelling indians. We were also about an hour drive from Durango, Colorado which is a well-known tourist destination and is also home to Telluride, one of the best ski resorts I have ever been to. Included in this post are some pictures from our trip last fall.

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